Xianmin Jin(金贤敏)

Xianmin Jin

Distinguished Research Fellow

Room 815, Physics Building

Brief Introduction

Xianmin Jin is a Distinguished Researcher in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). He graduated from University of Science and Technology of China with a PhD in Physics in 2008. After two-year postdoctoral research in Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale he joined the Clarendon Laboratory and Department of Physics at the University of Oxford as postdoctoral associate as well as a joint research fellow with National University of Singapore. He was awarded Marie Curie Fellow by European Commission in 2012, and was elected Wolfson College Fellow of University of Oxford in 2013. He started establishing the Laboratory of Quantum Technology (QUTEC) in SJTU in 2012 and joined SJTU as a full-time PI in 2014.

Notable Achievements

Research Interests

Xianmin Jin’s interests cover a broad spectrum ranging from quantum communication, memory, computation and metrology problems with special focus on the subject of scalability. He has published over 35 peer-reviewed journal papers listed in SCI, including 2 in Science, 11 in Nature Publishing Group, 7 in Physical Review Letters, and more than 530 citations with an H-index of 12.

Selected Publications