Xiaoqun Zhang(张小群)

Xiaoqun Zhang


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Brief Introduction

Zhang Xiaoqun, distinguished research fellow; bachelor of Wuhan University, doctorate of South Brittany University, and post-doctorate of University of California at Los Angeles. Her particular specialty is the application of partial differential equation, wavelet analysis, numerical computation and optimization algorithm in signal image processing and analysis, medical image processing, computer vision and image, as well as the computational photography and inverse problems. She has a proven track record in the fields including the mathematical modeling and solving of natural image texture and chronic restitution of geometric construction, effective computation of non-smooth optimization problem, as well as the medical image enhancement and reconstruction algorithm. Together with her partner, she has proposed the non-local regularization method to deblur the image, CT image reconstruction, signal and image compressive sensing, as well as the efficient algorithm of JPEG2000 data recovery and filling. Moreover, she has also proposed the minimized signal compressive sensing of primaldual algorithm frame of solution of separable non-smooth optimization applied in various L1 norm, which is based on the local and non-local total variation image restoration and incomplete sampling and restoration of low-rank matrix. Her main achievements have been published on the SIAM J. Imag. Sci, Inverse Prob. Imaging, Springer J. Sci. Comput, and Optical express, most of which provide reproducible software code. Her research was supported by Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program in 2011.

Research Interests

Selected Publications