2018 International Graduate Summer School on “Frontiers of Applied and Computational Mathematics”


Applied and computational mathematics has a wide and important application background in physics, mechanics, biology, engineering, finance and other fields. Its mathematical theory is very challenging, and it is one of the most important fields in the current mathematical research. In recent decades, with the develop-ment of mathematical research and the progress of science and technology, many new research areas have emerged in applied and computational mathematics. We plan to organize a summer school from July 9 to July 21, 2018, which covers the basic theories, latest achievements and hot topics in applied and computational mathematics. The main topics are divided into two parts. One for Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Physical Sciences (Courses 1-5), and another for Scientific Computing and Data Science (Courses 6-10).

School of Mathematical Sciences, SJTU, established in December, 2015, is a contin-uation of the old name “Department of Mathematics”. In the latest US NEWS rank-ings for mathematical sciences, SJTU Math ranked 29th globally. The school has been included in the project “Network of International Centers of Education in China” (three in total nationwide), which facilitates its development in internation-alization.

Institute of Natural Sciences (INS), SJTU, is an interdisciplinary center for creative research which aims at breaking down the traditional confines of individual disci-plines, and becoming an intellectual center for world-class interdisciplinary studies. The INS faculty consists of internationally-established scientists as well as distin-guished young research fellows, and with specialties in fields ranging from Applied Mathematics, Physics, Computer Sciences, to Engineering, Biology and Life Scienc-es.


July 9 - 21, 2018


Math Building, Minhang Campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, No.800 Dongchuan Road

Application and Registration

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Preference is given to, but not limited to, graduate students and young researchers with a basic understanding of applied mathematics and computational mathematics. The deadline for registration is May 31, 2018 and there is no registration fee. For successful applicants, the summer school will cover their on campus lodging in dormitory rooms and residences. We will also give some reimbursement for transportation.

Steering Committee


Lecturers (Tentative)

Target and Characteristics

  1. To promote academic exchange and development of domestic research on the frontiers of applied and computational mathematics; to facilitate international re-search teams to tackle some difficult problems with coordinated efforts; to en-hance the influence of SJTU in relevant research fields.
  2. To promote the cultiva-tion of graduate students and young researchers.
  3. To strengthen the cooperation and exchange between SJTU and other institutions.

The target of this summer school is clear and distinctive. In view of the characteris-tics of applied and computational mathematics, we emphasize students’ under-standing of the research background of related interdisciplinary fields, enhance students’ mathematical modeling ability and ability to use computational tools in applied mathematics research. By combining coursework, seminars, poster presen-tation and panel discussions, we want to help students to broaden their horizons and lay a solid foundation in order to to make progress in the frontiers of relevant research fields.

Course Contents and Practical Activities

This summer school include ten mini-courses in the field of applied and computa-tional mathematics and workshop about some recent advances from July 9 to July 21, 2018. We will spend 6-8 hours for teaching and discussion every day. We plan to invite 10 internationally established experts from Japan, Germany, France, Brit-ain and the United States to give 10 short courses. ## Schedule


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