Jammed Packings of Deformable and Rigid Non-Circular Particles


Mark Shattuck, City College of New York


2017.06.12 14:00-15:30


520 Pao Yue-Kong Library


We study mechanically stable packings of deformable and rigid 2D circulopolygons using computer simulation. A 2D circulopolygon is a particle shape formed by the collection of all points within a perpendicular distance r from the edge of a polygon. It is a generalization of the 2D circulocylinder and a circle, which are the collection of all points within a distance r from a line and a point. In our model, the circlopolygon can be made deformable. The lengths of the sides are fixed, but the angles are only constrained by the requirement that the shape factor, S=p^2/4πA is fixed, where A is the area of the polygon and p is the perimeter. The particles can be made rigid by requiring that the shape factor is the maximum possible for the edge length ratios. For example, the maximum for a square is S=4/π. We present densities and average contact numbers for collections of mono- and bi-disperse packings of circlopolygons for a range of shape factors, edge numbers, and system sizes. We find mechically stable packings with fewer than isostatic contacts.