Superconductivity and Large Magnetoresistance in Topological Materials


Kefeng Wang, University of Maryland


2017.07.11 13:30-15:00


Room 616, Physics Building


Since the discovery of topological insulators, the topological characteristics of the electron bands in solid state becomes one of the center topics of current condensed matter physics and material science. Here I will talk about the superconductivity and the extremely large magnetoresistance on three related topological materials. Superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric half-heusler compound YPtBi is found to exhibit interesting pairing mechanism beyond spin triplet. Another half-heusler compound LuAuSn is found to exhibit very large magnetoresistance and superconductivity. In another topological semimetal NbSb2, large transverse magnetoreistance (the magnetoresistant ratio ~ 1.3 × 105% in 2 K and 9 T field, and 4.3 × 106% in 0.4 K and 32 T field, without saturation) and field-induced metal-semiconductor-like crossover is reported.