Lithium Niobate Micro/Nanophotonics and Applications


Qiang Lin, University of Rochester


2017.07.19 14:00-15:30


Room 111, Physics Building


In this talk, I will discuss our recent progress in developing chip-scale lithium niobate micro/nanophotonic devices for different applications. Lithium niobate (LN) exhibits outstanding material properties that have found many important applications. Scaling LN devices down to a micro/nanoscopic scale results in intriguing device characteristics that do not appear in bulk crystals or conventional waveguides. After a brief overview of the current state of the art, I will focus on discussing our recent efforts in exploring some unusual physical phenomena in these devices and in applying these devices for sensing, nonlinear optical, quantum optical, and optomechanical applications. I will provide a personal perspective of the future potential of LN micro/nanophotonics. Finally, I will give a general overview of the role and importance of material characteristics on the functionalities of micro/nanophotonic devices and their impacts on the application potential.