The Role Played by hBN in Graphene/hBN Devices


Wei Yang, ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences


2018.04.16 13:30-14:30


Room 410, 4th floor, Tsung-Dao LEE Library


The hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is a well-known substrate for graphene and other 2D heterostructure devices, mostly due to its flat, chemical inert surface and a good dielectric with a large band gap. In fact, hBN is found to be much more interesting and important than it acts as a substrate, there are many interesting and important transport physics originated from the Graphene/hBN interface. In this report, different aspects of roles played by hBN in Graphene/hBN devices will be discussed, and Wei will show epitaxy of graphene superlattice, fractal Hofstadter Butterfly spectra, Zener-Klein tunneling and remote coupling of electron in graphene lattices to hyperbolic phonons from hBN lattices.