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【Workshop postponed, future dates TBD】Workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics and Uncertainty Quantification

A hybrid WENO and THINC scheme with modified BVD principle and its application to stiffen detonations


Li Yuan , University of Chinese Academy of Sciences



We present a new hybrid scheme which switches between a sixth-order central-upwind weighted essentially non-oscillatory (WENO6) scheme and the tangent of hyperbola for interface capturing (THINC) scheme according to a modified boundary variation diminishing (BVD) algorithm. The THINC is preferable since its jump-like distribution can approximate the discontinuity inside the cell well thus reduces the variation of reconstructed cell boundary values. Different from existing BVD algorithm, we construct a new algorithm to measure the quality of the candidate reconstructions by making use of the WENO sub-stencil reconstruction. A number of numerical examples show that this hybrid scheme can effectively eliminate numerical oscillations near discontinuities and step-like phenomenon in smooth zones. Application to stiff detonation simulations shows that the hybrid scheme can capture detonation fronts correctly with very coarse meshes.