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International Workshop on Interacting Particle Systems


Data-driven efficient solvers and predictions of conformational transitions for Langevin dynamics on manifold in high dimensions
Jian-Guo Liu, Duke University, USA
Emergent Behaviors of Thermomechanical Kuramoto Ensemble on a Ring Lattice
Seung-Yeal Ha, Seoul National University, Korea
A Deterministic Particle Method for the Homogeneous Landau Equation
Jingwei Hu, Purdue University, USA
Quantitative Methods for the Mean Field Limit Problem
Zhenfu Wang, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Consensus Based Models and Applications to Global Optimization
Jose Carrillo, Imperial College London, UK
Monte Carlo Stochastic Galerkin methods for the Boltzmann equation
Lorenzo Pareschi, University of Ferrara, Italy
Dynamical Connectivity of Hard Spheres
Sergio Simonella, Ecole Normale Superieure Lyon, France
Equilibration of Aggregation-Diffusion Equations with Weak Interaction Forces
Ruiwen Shu, University of Maryland, USA
Derivation of the Vlasov equation for short range interactions
Peter Pickl, University of Munich, Germany