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Workshop Series on Advances on Scientific and Engineering Computing (II) —— High Performance Computation: Theory and Applications


Scientific and engineering computing plays a vital role in modern industrial and applied mathematics. Good mathematical models and numerical algorithms can nicely, elegantly or efficiently solve problems which are otherwise difficult and challenging. This workshop aims to bring together leading experts and excellent young researchers inside China to share state of the art research advances in the field of scientific and engineering computing, foster further research collaborations and promote novel and revolutionary research ideas.


This conference is supported by Institute of Natural Sciences, MOE Key Lab on Scientific and Engineering Computing, Science Challenge Project.

Application and Registration

Please register online.
Preference is given to, but not limited to, applicants with a basic understanding of High Performance Computing. No registration fee.


October 17-18, 2020


Room 306, No.5 Science Building, Minhang Campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
How to arrive: https://ins.sjtu.edu.cn/contact-us

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Workshop Series

Workshop on Advances on Scientific and Engineering Computing (I)