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Neutron Workshop on Biological and Soft Matter Science


With the recent development of neutron facility in China, the application of neutron on biological and soft matter science is promising. The workshop brings together a dozen recognized scientists from around the world in the fields and each of them will give a 30-minute talk. Moreover, the representatives from the three Chinese Neutron facilities will update the current situation of each facility and discuss the upcoming instruments, particularly by focusing on the application on the biological and soft matters. The purpose of this workshop is to raise the visibility, to Chinese scientific community, of the powerful tools that neutron scattering offers to solve key questions in these fields, and also promote the communications between scholars at home and abroad.


May 11-13, 2019


No. 200, Yifu Science and Technology Building, Minhang Campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Liang Hong, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China


Tianjiao Liang, China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS), China
Xiangqiang Chu, Graduate School of China Academy of Enginneering Physics, China
Victoria Garcia Sakai, ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source, UK


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