自然科学研究院:疫情期间打造“云学术”盛宴 Creating a Cloud Academic Feast during the Global Pandemic

疫情让世界停摆, 但是上海交大自然科学研究院的学术活动不停摆。

2020年的春天,一场突如其来的新冠病毒疫情让全世界放慢了脚步,因学校停课和隔离措施,学术交流和研讨也无法正常开展。自然科学研究院逆行而上,将学术活动从线下搬到了线上,“云学术”盛宴引发世界范围内越来越多的学者参与和关注, 并极大地扩展了研究院和交大的国际学术影响。


自3月17日至今,在短短的近一个月时间里,自然科学研究院一共举办了15场高水平的学术讲座和国际会议,其中“自然科学杰出演讲系列讲座” 3场,平均每天1场讲座,报告人从中科院院士, 国际数学家大会一小时报告人,到美国数学学会和美国科学促进协会的会士26人,全部是数学领域的重量级学者。共计3800余人次线上听报告,其中“自然科学杰出系列演讲讲座”平均每场参会者达500余人,最多的一场讲座达到900多人。借助在线直播的学术报告形式,来自海内外的学者、师生不受空间限制,共聚“云端”,共享前沿的科研动态和研究成果。

疫情期间推出的“云学术”模式,不仅扩大了学术参与面,更节约了时间和财务资源,获得了相当多学者的推崇, 讲座成为国际应用数学界期盼的学术活动。这种新的学术模式不仅让交大自然科学研究院成为了疫情期间的学术活动的中心,更使得一些顶尖的学术研究机构竞相学习,引领了学术界的新学术模式。


The world has come to a standstill fighting the invisible enemy. Meanwhile, the academic activities of the Institute of Natural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as “INS”) never cease.

In the spring of 2020, the new coronavirus outbreak slowed the world. Due to suspensions of school and quarantine arrangement, academic exchanges and discussions cannot be conducted in the usual way. INS shifts the academic activities from offline to online. The Cloud Academic Feast has attracted worldwide scholars to participate, which greatly enhanced the international academic influence of the Institute and the University.

Professor Shi Jin, the director of the Institute of Natural Sciences, along with INS faculty and staff took the lead to formulate a cloud activity plan, and actively invited world-renowned scientists to gather together virtually to participate in the cloud academic events. Since March, the Institute, by utilizing zoom conference system, website and WeChat, has organized a series of academic events that have effectively eliminated the geographic distance and allow people from afar to interact academically.

Since March 17, INS has held a total of 15 high-level academic lectures and international conferences within one month, including three “Distinguished Lectures in Natural Sciences”. On average, INS held one lecture every day. A total of 26 speakers were involved in this academic feast, ranging from academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one-hour lecturer of the International Congress of Mathematicians, to fellows of the American Mathematical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, all of whom heavyweights in mathematics. More than 3800 people attended the online report in this period. Among them, the “Distinguished Lectures of Natural Sciences “ averaged more than 500 attendees per lecture, and the largest number of participants in one lecture reached more than 900 people. With the aid of online live academic reports, scholars, teachers and students from home and abroad are no longer restricted by distance. They gather together on the “cloud” to share cutting-edge scientific research trends and research results through our platform.

The Cloud Academic model introduced during the pandemic not only expands the academic influence of INS, but also saves time and financial resources, and has been highly praised by many scholars. INS lectures become the most expected academic activities in the international applied mathematics community. This new academic model has turned the Institute of Natural Sciences into an oasis of academic activities during the pandemic. Other top academic research institutions have learned from the INS mode and the Cloud Academic Feast is now trending in academia.

There will be nine more online lectures to be held in the next three weeks. INS plans to continue the cloud academic activities in order to accelerate the dissemination of cutting-edge research results, and bring the academic world together during the pandemic when the humankinds are suffering and most academic activities stopped.


自然科学研究院自2010年正式成立以来,通过人才集聚效应催生交叉学科之间新学术增长点和学术前沿方向,已经产生了一批有国际影响和对国家经济与社会发展有重要推动作用的学术成果,工作两年以上的18位教师100%获得国家级荣誉和奖励。 现已获科技部批准首批成立上海国家应用数学中心上海交通大学分中心,推动了上海交通大学进一步成为国际上具有重要影响的学术研究中心和人才培养高地。