自然科学研究院召开2020年春季学期全体教工大会 Institute of Natural Sciences Held the Spring Semester Faculty and Staff Meeting







On the morning of May 6th, 2020, the Institute of Natural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as “INS”) held its spring semester faculty and staff meeting in room 305. Xuemin Xu, vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the leaderships of INS, and all faculty members attended the conference. Shi Jin, Director of the Institute of Natural Sciences, presided over the meeting.

Director Shi Jin first announced the appointment decision of the Institute of Natural Sciences, appointing Professor Douglas Zhou and Professor Hepeng Zhang as the Vice Director of INS.

Vice president Xuemin Xu congratulated Prof. Zhou and Prof. Zhang on the promotion. As Vice president Xu pointed out, the Institute of Natural Sciences and Zhiyuan College were established at the same time. It is expected that young professors will continue to hone their competencies and more actively invest in Zhiyuan’s talent training as well as the development of the scientific and technological innovation platform. She also looked forward that the Institute of Natural Sciences, in the construction of the Shanghai Center for Applied Mathematics, would create an interdisciplinary scientific environment ideally conductive for basic theoretical research and applied science research. Director Shi Jin introduced the recent progress of the institute, particularly on the follow-ups for the construction of the Shanghai Center for Applied Mathematics and academic activities of INS. As Director Shi Jin pointed out, the institute conducted high-level and intensive academic activities during the pandemic and invited the world-renowned scholars worldwide for online workshops, which attracted more and more attention and participation, greatly expanding the international academic influence of the INS and SJTU. He hoped that faculty members could take advantage of the convenience of the network and actively organize online academic conferences and lectures. Director Shi Jin also underlined that the institute has recently focused on the “mathematical application in aviation manufacturing” and “fundamental mathematical theory of new-generation AI”, and had successfully applied for many major scientific research projects. What’s more, great achievements have also been made in the national talents program. The young generation of faculty should keep going, compare and connect with global counterparts, and continue to expand new areas of research.

Executive Vice Director Weike Wang emphasized that since the Institute of Natural Sciences has enjoyed a high reputation worldwide, he hoped that INS could plan ahead and promote the implementation of top-class talent cultivation, publicity and informatization construction. All faculty and staff should work on the sense of identity and responsibility and jointly promote the development of the institute.

Vice Director Douglas Zhou and Hepeng Zhang reviewed their experience of working at INS and emphasized, that they would begin the new role, work hard and consider the overall situation, and contribute themselves to building the Institute of Natural Sciences into a world-class interdisciplinary scientific research platform.