自然科学研究院召开2020年秋季学期全体教工大会INS Faculty and Staff Meeting for the Fall Semester 2020



随后,金石院长介绍了2020年研究院新引进的5位优秀青年人才,包括Nana Liu、刘林、张耀宇、罗涛(数学科学学院主聘)和马征(数学科学学院主聘),新引进团队将进一步增强机器学习、生物统计和量子计算领域的研究力量。金石院长还对新学期的科研工作提出了新的期许。他希望,研究院的青年教师能够勇于走出舒适圈,尝试新的研究领域,努力提升国际知名度!


In the afternoon of September 17, 2020, the INS Faculty and Staff Meeting for Fall Semester 2020 was held at the conference room 305. The meeting was hosted by Professor Shi JIN, Director of INS.

Prof. JIN first reviewed the scientific research work and fruitful achievements obtained by INS in the first half year, especially the foundation of Shanghai Center for Applied Mathematics (SJTU Center). SJTU Center has conducted deep cooperation with enterprises and hospitals, “the spring of math has come”.

Prof. JIN introduced 5 outstanding young talents newly hired by INS in 2020, including Nana LIU, Lin LIU, Yaoyu ZHANG, Tao LUO (jointly appointed with School of Mathematical Sciences) and Zheng MA (jointly appointed with School of Mathematical Sciences). The young team will further enhance the research capability in the fields of machine learning, biostatistics and quantum computing. Prof. JIN also put forward new expectations for scientific research in the following semester. He hoped that the young members of INS should step out of the comfort zone, try new research fields, and strive to build up international reputations!

Hepeng ZHANG, the second prize winner of the 2020 “Teaching and Educating” award of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was commended at the meeting. Executive Vice-director Weike WANG presented a trophy and certificate to him. Prof. Wang hoped that young faculty should actively participate in teaching and devote themselves to student cultivation.