Observations and Modeling of Global Waves on the Sun


Pengfei Chen, School of Astronomy & Space Science, Nanjing University


2018.06.19 14:00-15:00


601, Pao Yue-Kong Library


In 1997, an unexpected phenomenon, called coronal “EIT waves”, was discovered to propagate across almost the whole solar disk. Such a global wave was sometimes called “solar tsunami” by the news media. Initially it was thought that they are fast-mode MHD waves. However, their propagation speeds ware ~3 times smaller than the fast-mode wave speed in the solar corona. Such a discrepancy puzzled solar astrophysicists for many years. Several mechanisms have been proposed during the past 21 years. In this talk, I will introduce the observational features of this intriguing wave phenomenon and how the community is getting closer to reaching a consensus on their nature.


Dr. Peng-Fei Chen is a professor of solar physics in Nanjing University. He got PhD of astrophysics from Nanjing University in 1999, and then did his postdoc in Kyoto University. His PhD thesis was awarded the Top 100 PhD Theses in China (2002). His research interests include solar eruptions, waves, magnetic reconnection, MHD numerical simulations, and other topics in astrophysics. He has been visiting Kyoto University (Japan, 2001-2002), University of St. Andrews (UK, 2005-2006) and University College London (UK, 2011-2012). He received the National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists during 2011-2014. Dr. Chen served as a member of the Steering Committee of the Solar and Heliosphere Division of the IAU (2013-2015), and as the vice director of the Solar and Heliosphere Division of the Chinese Astronomical Society. In addition, he is also a scientific editor of the following journals: Science China (2013-), Solar Physics (2017-2020) and Reviews of Modern Plasma Physics (2017- ).