Imaginary Time Crystal


Zi Cai, Shanghai Jiaotong University


2018.09.18 14:00-15:00


601, Pao Yue-Kong Library


Understanding a quantum system embedded in an environment is not only of practical significance in quantum device design, but also closely relevant to fundamental questions such as quantum-to-classic transitions, decoherence mechanism, and quantum measurement. The situation is further complicated but more interesting if the open quantum system itself is an interacting many-body system, where interplay between the environment and quantum many-body effect may give rise to novel quantum phases and phase transitions that absent in their closed counterpart. In this paper, we perform a numerical exact Quantum Monte Carlo simulation and study an open quantum many-body system with onsite bath-induced retarded interaction. A novel quantum phase of matter is proposed. One of the most intriguing properties of this phase is the translational symmetries in both space and imaginary time are spontaneously broken, which provides new possibilities of spontaneous symmetry breaking in quantum matter.