Data-Driven Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Infectious Diseases


Xiufen Zou, Wuhan University


2018.10.16 15:30-16:30


601 Pao Yue-Kong Library


In this talk, I will introduce our recent studies in combining mathematical models with multidimensional data to explore the pathogenesis of infectious diseases and predict potential drug targets. I will also discuss the further work for subdiffusion processes and multi-scale modeling for viral replication.

Short Bio

Dr. Xiufen Zou is a Professor of School of Mathematics and Statistics, Wuhan University. Dr. Zou is the vice director of CSIAM Activity Group on Mathematical Life Science and Board member of Computational Systems Biology Society of Operations Research Society of China (OR-CSB). Her interests include computational system biology, bioinformatics and intelligent computation. Dr. Zou has published more than 60 research articles such as SIAM on Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematical Modeling, PLOS Computational Biology, Information sciences et al.