Intelligent Functional Material Systems for Advanced Thermal Management


Xiaoshi Qian, Institute of Cryogenics and Refrigeration, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


2018.12.20 14:00-15:00


520, Pao Yue-Kong Library


Active thermal management is the key component in numerous industrial sections, i.e., the household air-conditioning (AC) and refrigeration, the building thermal management, the thermal management for electric vehicles, the battery management systems, aviation and space operations etc. The conventional technology utilizes the phase transition of gaseous refrigerants to provide the active heating/cooling, and the electro-mechanical system to sense ambient and control the operation accordingly. However, the current dominant technologies are energy inefficient and environmentally detrimental. In addition, the electro-mechanical control systems are bulky and pre-programmed by men, thus cannot adapt to a complicated ambient condition that keeps varying. Here, we will show the recent development in functional dielectrics, including the electroactive polymers, composites, and the stimuli-responsive dielectric composites, which provide the long-overdue solutions for the energy efficient, zero-carbon-emission thermal management. Such dielectric systems are capable to provide active cooling/heating, and the self-adaptive thermal management without human intervention.


Dr. Xiaoshi Qian joined SJTU in July 2018, he obtained Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Penn State Univ. in 2015, M.S. and B.S. in Material Physics at Nanjing University in 2010 and 2007, respectively. He was the Vice President and CTO at Nascent Devices Inc. in US. He is an associate professor in School of Mechanical Engineering and Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenics. His research is focusing on green technologies utilizing the new understandings of functional material systems developed in his research lab.