Deep Boltzmann Generators


Hao Wu, Tongji University


2019.03.19 14:00-15:00


601 Pao Yue-Kong Library


Computing equilibrium states in condensed-matter many-body systems, such as solvated proteins, is a long-standing challenge. Lacking methods for generating statistically independent equilibrium samples directly, vast computational effort is invested for simulating these system in small steps, e.g., using Molecular Dynamics. Combining deep learning and statistical mechanics, we here develop Boltzmann Generators, that are shown to generate statistically independent samples of equilibrium states of representative condensed matter systems and complex polymers. Boltzmann Generators use neural networks to learn a coordinate transformation of the complex configurational equilibrium distribution to a distribution that can be easily sampled. Accurate computation of free energy differences, and discovery of new system states are demonstrated, providing a new statistical mechanics tool that performs orders of magnitude faster than standard simulation methods.