The Sixth SJTU Workshop on Natural Sciences: Problems and Challenges in Risk Management and Financial Engineering


June 23-26, 2011


Tongji University ( June 23-24) and Shanghai Jiaotong University (June 25-26)

Conference Objectives

The conference will provide an opportunity for academic researchers and people in the financial world a face-to-face discussion about current problems and risk management for financial corporations. The conference will provide a great opportunity for domestic scholar and researchers from abroad to exchange ideas and techniques in financial engineering. The conference will provide an opportunity for graduate students to learn current research topics and future research directions.

Conference Place

Tongji University(June 23- June 24) and Shanghai Jiaotong University(June 25- June 26), Shanghai, China. The conference will be divided into two parts. The first part will be focused on mathematical finance from June 23 to June 24, 2011, at Tongji University. The second part will be focused on corporations and government policies from June 25 to June 26, 2011, at Shanghai Jiaotong University.

More detailed information is available on: http://math.tongji.edu.cn/conf/PCFE2011/index.html