2016 Ecnu Sjtu Joint Young Statisticians Conference

Brief Introduction

This conference, organized jointly by the Institute of Natural Sciences of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Department of Statistics of East China Normal University, will be held from May 21st, 2016 to May 22nd, 2016 in Minhang Campus. It will cover many topics in statistics including mathematical statistics, biostatistics, medical statistics, engineer statistics and financial statistics, etc. The conference aims to increase academic communications among young researchers on statistics in China. It provides a platform for young researchers from more than ten universities to present their latest works.

Program Committee


May 21st: Room 105, School of Statistics, Minhang Campus, East China Normal University

May 22nd: Room 601, Pao Yue-Kong Library, Minhang Campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Application and Registration

No registration fee. Participants should cover their own lodging and meals.


May 21

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
08:30~08:45 Opening Ceremony    
08:45~09:10 Changliang Zou Nankai University Projection-based outlier detection in functional data
09:10~09:35 Xinyu Zhang Chinese Academy of Science Spatial Weights Matrix Selection and Model Averaging for Spatial Autoregressive Models
09:35~10:00 Wei Lin Peking University Two-Sample Mean Tests for High-Dimensional Compositional Data
10:00~10:25 Wei Zhong Xiamen University U-type Test for High Dimensional Regression Coefficients Using Refitted Cross-validation Variance Estimation
10:45~11:10 Zhensheng Huang Nanjing University of Science and Technology Model structure selection in single-index-coefficient regression models
11:10~11:35 Ting Yan Central China Normal University Maximum likelihood estimation in the p0 model for directed networks
11:35~12:00 Yuanshan Wu Wuhan University High-Dimensional Cox Regression With Model Averaging
13:30~13:55 Jianxin Yin Renmin University of China Principal varying-coefficient estimator for high dimensional models
13:55~14:20 Shifeng Xiong Chinese Academy of Science Personalized Optimization for Computer Experiments with Environmental Inputs
14:20~14:45 Fasheng Sun Northeast Normal University Space-Filling Orthogonal Designs for Computer Experiment
14:45~15:10 Jinzhu Jia Peking University Dynamic Topic Model with Multiple Change Points
15:10~15:35 Mian Huang Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Locally Order Selection for Mixture Models with Covariate-dependent Mixing Proportion
15:55~16:20 Zhiming Xia Northwest University A Self-Starting Chart to Monitor Abrupt Changes in General Linear Profiles
16:20~16:45 Jian Li Xi’an Jiaotong University Multivariate Ordinal Categorical Process Control based on Log-linear Modeling
16:45~17:10 Dong Ding Xi’an Polytechnic University Ordinal Profile Monitoring with Random Explanatory Variables
17:10~17:35 Ancha Xu Wenzhou University Objective Priors under the alpha-Divergence Measures

May 22

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
08:45~09:10 Liping Zhu Renmin University of China A post-screening diagnostic study in sufficient dimension reduction for ultrahigh dimensional data
09:10~09:35 Peng Zhao Jiangsu Normal University Comparisons on Aggregate Risks from Two Sets of Heterogeneous Portfolios
09:35~10:00 Weiping Zhang University of Science and Technology of China A joint mean-correlation modeling approach for longitudinal zero-inflated count data
10:00~10:25 Xingdong Feng Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Lack-of-fit tests for quantile regression models
10:45~11:10 Ruibin Xi Peking University Sparse Difference of Precision Matrix Estimation via Lasso Penalized D-Trace Loss
11:10~11:35 Qizhai Li Chinese Academy of Science GATE: an efficient procedure in study of pleiotropic genetic associations
11:35~12:00 Tingjin Zhu Renmin University of China Combining Static and Roving Sensor Data for Spatio-temporal Hazard Mapping
13:30~13:55 Long Feng Northeast Normal University High Dimensional Rank Tests for Sphericity
13:55~14:20 Jianbo Li Jiangsu Normal University Statistical Analysis on the General Transformation Models
14:20~14:45 Tao Hu Capital Normal University A Sieve Semiparametric Maximum Likelihood Approach for Regression Analysis of Bivariate Interval-Censored Failure Time Data
14:45~15:10 Guoyou Qin Fudan University Robust Estimation of Partially Linear Models for Longitudinal Data with Dropouts and Measurement error
15:10~15:35 Yang Bai Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Variable Selection for Longitudinal Data with Covariates Measurement Errors and Missing Responses
15:55~16:20 Dong Li Tsinghua University ZD-GARCH model: a new way to study heteroscedasticity
16:20~16:45 Zhiguo Xiao Fudan University Moving Average Barriers in Chinese Stock Markets
16:45~17:10 Xinbing Kong Suzhou University Determining the number of factors of the continuous-time factor model
17:10~17:35 Juan Shen Fudan University Inference for Logistic-Normal Mixtures with Heterogeneous Components

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