Workshop on Soft Matter Sciences

Brief Introduction

The soft matter physics group at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is organizing an international workshop on Soft Matter Sciences in December 12-14, 2016. The main purpose of this workshop is to celebrate the inauguration of the Center for Soft Matter and Interdisciplinary Sciences at SJTU. The workshop aims to bring together a number of outstanding scientists in soft matter and related fields, to facilitate exchange of ideas and results, and to nurture interdisciplinary collaborations. The workshop will consist of two and half days of informal talks, along with ample time for discussions.


Dec 12-14, 2016


Room 601, Pao Yue-Kong Library, Minhang Campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Workshop Invited Speakers


December 12, 2016

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
08:25-08:30 Xiaoqun Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University Opening Remark
08:30-09:15 David Weitz Harvard University New routes to amorphous structures
09:15-10:00 Erik Luijten (Center Member) Northwestern University From self-assembly to electrokinetics: Novel predictive capabilities for dielectric effects
10:00-10:20 Coffee Break    
10:20-11:05 Hugues Chaté CEA-Saclay, France, & Beijing Computational Science Research Center Understanding dense active nematics from microscopic models
11:05-11:30 Xiangjun Xing (Center Member) Shanghai Jiao Tong University Charge Renormalization Within and Beyond Poisson-Boltzmann Theory
11:30-11:55 Zhenwei Yao (Center Member) Shanghai Jiao Tong University Dressed active particles in spherical crystals
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break    
14:00-14:45 Wei Wang Nanjing University Oxidative folding and aggregation of disulfide-containing proteins
14:45-15:30 Jianwei Shuai Xiamen University Synonymous mutation in oncogenesis
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break    
16:00-16:45 Penger Tong Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Interfacial pinning, hysteresis and dynamics of a moving contact line
16:45-17:10 Jie Zhang (Center Member) Shanghai Jiao Tong University Study of an athermal quasi static plastic deformation in a 2D granular material
17:10-17:35 Hu Dan (Center Member) Shanghai Jiao Tong University Optimization, Adaptation, and Initiation of Biological Transport Networks

December 13, 2016

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
08:30-09:15 Paul Chaikin New York University Unstable fronts and stable “critters” formed by magnetic microrollers
09:15-10:00 Jeremy C. Smith Oak Ridge National lab Protein dynamics and drug discovery
10:00-10:20 Coffee Break    
10:20-11:05 Haiping Fang Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Ordered nonwetting water, water-surface composition, and wetting due to hydrated ion-carbon interaction at room temperature
11:05-11:30 Hong Liang (Center Member) Shanghai Jiao Tong University A Glass Transition in Dry Proteins
11:30-11:55 Douglas Zhou Shanghai Jiao Tong University Biophysics of synaptic integration in neurons: computational modeling, analysis, and experiments
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break    
14:00-14:45 Xiangyang Liu National University of Singapore, Singapore&&Xiamen University, China Functionalization of Silk Fibroin Materials and Bio-Flexible Devices
14:45-15:30 Yongfeng Zhou Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China self-assembly of hyperbranched polymer vesicles
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break    
16:00-16:45 Baohui Li Nankai University Self-assembly of Block Copolymer Thin Films upon Solvent Evaporation: A Simulation Study
16:45-17:10 Huiming Xiong (Center Member) Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Relaxation of Triply Hydrogen-Bonded Supramolecules
17:10-19:00 Poster Section    

December 14, 2016

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
08:30-09:15 Zvonimir Dogic Brandeis University Rigid filaments with varying curvature and tunable shape
09:15-10:00 Lei-Han Tang Beijing Computational Science Research Center Energy dissipation in biomolecular devices
10:00-10:20 Coffee Break    
10:20-11:05 Jun Zhang New York University From Passive Fluttering to Active Swimming
11:05-11:30 Hepeng Zhang (Center Member) Shanghai Jiao Tong University Bimetallic Microswimmers Speed Up in Confining Channels
11:30-11:55 Min Tang Shanghai Jiao Tong University Macroscopic Chemotaxis models from Individual Signally Pathway
11:55-12:05 Xiangjun Xing   Concluding remarks
12:05-14:00 Lunch Break    


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