Dan Hu(胡丹)

Dan Hu


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Brief Introduction

Hu Dan, professor of mathematics, Chang Jiang Scholars award (Young scholars); bachelor and doctorate of Peking University, and post-doctorate of Courant Institute of New York University; he has extensive interest in the modeling, simulation and analysis of physical and biological systems, and his study focuses on adaptation of biological transport networks, blood flow and blood pulse waves, and rare event dynamics in life science. His group built mathematical models to describe the adaptation and initiation process of biological transport networks. The models were successfully used in prediction of vessel pruning in embryo zebra fish. His group developed analysis method and fast numerical algorithm for propagation of blood pulse waves, based on which they are able to explain the correlations between features in blood pressure waveforms and vascular diseases. They also developed analysis method for free energy calculation of complex rare event dynamics and applied it in study of transmembrane permeation of ions and interaction of antimicrobial peptides and lipid membranes. His work was published in Physical Review Letters, PLoS Biology, and Nature Communications, et al. In particular, the work on vessel pruning in embryo zebra fish has been highlighted by Nature.

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