Lei Zhang(张镭)

Lei Zhang



Brief Introduction

Distinguished research fellow, B.S. Peking University, M.S. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. Caltech 07’, Postdoc in the Max Planck Institute for Math. in Sci. and the University of Oxford. His Research interests include partial differential equations, numerical analysis, multiscale modeling and analysis, as well as wide applications in fields such as materials science, geophysics, and biological sciences. He has done a series of innovative work in the homogenization of PDEs with non-separable scales such as the development of metric based upscaling, rough polyharmonic splines (RPS) and the application of game/Bayesian numerical framework to multiscale PDEs. He has also made important contributions to a unified analytical framework for the analysis and design of mutliscale coupling methods of crystalline solids with defects, which include the “ghost force free” consistent coupling methods, optimal blended ghost force correction method, and a posteriori error estimates and adaptive algorithm. His research results were published in first class journals such as Comm. Pure. Appl. Math., SIAM J. Numer. Anal., SIAM MMS (Multiscale Modeling and Simulation), etc. He was the gold medalist of International Mathematical Olympiad (1993), and W.P. Carey Prize winner in applied mathematics (2007). His research has been sponsored by NSFC, and Intel.

Postdoc and Student position

Application is invited for a postdoc position in the exciting areas of multiscale modeling and analysis, numerical analysis and scientific computing, as well as their applications in materials science, biology and data science. For details, please drop me an email.

I am also looking for research graduate and undergraduate students. Basic knowledge of numerical analysis and differential equations is needed. Some knowledge in programming or physics will be a plus.

Research Interests

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