Asatur Zh. Khurshudyan

Asatur Zh. Khurshudyan

khurshudyan@sjtu.edu.cn; khurshudyan@mechins.sci.am

Brief Introduction

Asatur Zh. Khurshudyan is a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Natural Sciences. Defending Ph.D thesis on `“Structural Optimization and Control of Vibrations of Deformable Systems with Variable Parameters” at the Institute of Mechanics, NAS of Armenia, in 2015, Dr. Khurshudyan continues his research at the Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, University of Muenster. His main scientific interests are around Control Theory and Optimization, Biomechanics. Dr. Khurshudyan is the author or co-author of 1 monograph, 1 chapter, and over 30 regular articles. His recent paper “Parameter optimization for laminated multiferroic composites” (co-author T. A. Galichyan) is awarded academician S. A. Ambartsumyan prize as the best paper published in “Proceedings of NAS of Armenia. Mechanics” and in “Problems of Mechanics of Deformable Solid Body” during 2017 year.

Research Interests

Control Theory and Optimization, Continuum Mechanics, Optimization of Mechanical Systems, Biomechanics.

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