Linying Li(李林颖)

Linying Li


Advisor Information

Proposed Research

Numerical study of multiscale and multiphysics transport problems and its application for hypersonic vehicles

For most hypersonic vehicles, the flow field with multiscale and multphysics transport problems challenges the speed and accuracy of the existed computational methods. The asymptotic breakdown of continuum for a flow ranging from continuum regime to transient regime is really hard to be captured because we lack an efficient and accurate numerical method for this problem in current. In this research, we will develop and study new efficient computational methods based on the Boltzmann equation and DSMC method which is asymptotic preserving and positive preserving for whole range of Knudsen numbers.

Furthermore, we will extend our new kinetic methods to solve complicated physical problems involving thermal nonequilibrium, chemical nonequilibrium and radiative nonequilibrium according to the characteristics of hypersonic flows. For this targets, we need more multiphysics mathematics models which is also asymptotic preserving and positive preserving to describe the flow with a wide range of Knudsen numbers. In this research, we will also develop a series of sophisticated numerical techniques including Cartesian mesh, Cut-Cell technique and AMR method to guarantee a more efficient computation for the new methods.

With this new method, we can help engineering design of hypersonic vehicles for aerodynamic, thermal and optic window problems.