Tao Yuan(袁韬)

Tao Yuan


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Proposed Research

Theory and Numerical Simulation Research of Laser Plasma Proton and Generation of Neutron Source

It is one of the key researches in the area of high field and new accelerator physics to produce protons and neutron source with high energy, high quality and high efficiency by the way of laser plasma. Compared with protons and neutron source produced by traditional accelerators and reactors, the new source has the features of high current, short pulse, low cost of manufacture and symbiosis and simultaneity with nature light. First, it will be applicable to physics, medicine, material science and many other sciences. And it meets the requirement of pump probe technology and high resolution ration. Furthermore, high current itself can bring along the rapid development of a series of relevant science. The research thesis will cater to the area described above, through the methods of theoretical analysis and numerical simulation to study the proton acceleration and generation of neutron in the process of interaction between laser and plasma, for the purpose of obtaining the high quality and applicative proton and neutron source. This area involves the interdiscipline of laser plasma physics, nuclear physics, computation math and high performance parallel computing programing. Such research is challenging, applicative and promising.