Soft Matter Group Meeting: Self Propelled Colloidal Motor


Wei Wang


2014.12.03 13:00-14:00


520 Pao Yue-Kong Library


Colloidal nano/micromotors are small objects capable of moving autonomously in liquids at the corresponding scales, and they are one important class of micromachines. First discovered by the Sen and Mallouk groups at Penn State University, these nanomotors have attracted wide attention in the scientific community, and have seen dramatic development over the last ten years. These micromachines are important on two levels. On the one hand, the study of the motion and autonomous behaviors, including rotation, self-assembly and inter-particle communication of these nanomotors, leads to deeper fundamental understanding of the physics of active matter of the micro scale. On the other hand, the rich behaviors of these particles provide a good opportunity for a wide range of applications, including cargo delivery and sensing at microscale, as well as potential biomedical applications such as bacteria and cell isolation, blood clot removal and minimally invasive surgery.