Soft Matter Group Meeting: Progress on Complex Plasma Research Under Microgravity


Chengran Du


2016.04.09 13:00-15:00


601 Pao Yue-Kong Library


Complex plasmas, composed of weakly ionized gas and microparticles, represent the plasma state of soft matter. The particles are usually negatively charged due to the high thermal speed of electrons. Dynamics of individual particles can be easily visualized and measured by the video microscopy. It is an ideal system to study fundamental process in the strong coupling regime on the kinetic level. Particularly under microgravity conditions, it is possible to form a homogeneous 3D particle cluster in the bulk plasma. Many phenomena, which are not accessible on earth, can be then investigated in details. In the talk, I will introduce a few experiments performed in the long-term microgravity complex plasma laboratories on board the International Space Station.