Imaging Group Meeting: Primal Dual Fixed Point Algorithms for Multi Block Convex Minimization


Peijun Chen


2016.11.24 09:30-11:30


520 Pao Yue-Kong Library


We extend a primal-dual fixed point algorithm (PDFP) that we proposed previously to solve two kinds of separable multi-block minimization problems, arising in signal processing and imaging science. This work shows the flexibility of applying PDFP algorithm to multi-block problems and illustrate how practical and fully decoupled schemes can be derived, especially for parallel implementation of large scale problems. The connections and comparisons to the alternating direction method of multiplier (ADMM) are also present. We demonstrate how different algorithms can be obtained by splitting the problems in different ways through the classic example of sparsity regularized least square model with constraint. In particular, for a class of linearly constrained problems, which are of great interest in the context of multi-block ADMM, can be solved by PDFP with a guarantee of convergence. Finally, some experiments are provided to illustrate the performance of several schemes derived by the PDFP algorithm.