Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program


Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program is INS’s mission to combine the computational and modeling expertise of INS faculty members with faculty members on campus in diverse areas including sciences, medicine, engineering, econonomics, and others. Joint Ph.D. supervision by a team of faculty member (2 or more) from INS and outside faculty will be involved for each student funded through this program.

Educational Requirement

Each jointly supervised Ph.D. student is required to take at least two graduate classes approved by INS among advanced computational and mathematical and science classes.

Ph.D. Thesis Supervision

A research proposal will be submitted by the involved faculty member for the targeted Ph.D. student. One of the faculty from the joint faculty team will serve as the lead advisor and the student will get the degree from the home department of the lead advisor. Funding and student quota for the students in this program will be provided by the graduate school.

Program Application Procedure

Review Committee Members

Application Form

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Ph.D. Students

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