International Winter School on Soft Matter


The lectures of this winter school cover a broad range of theoretical and computational methods in soft matter and biological physics. Topics include Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations, multiscale and coarse-grained modeling, energetic varational theory, scaled particle theory, and applications in biology, soft materials, liquid-state physics, and complex fluids. The invited talks of the winter school will review the latest experimental and theoretical advances in the field.

This winter school is financially supported by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and research grants from National Science Foundation of China and Central Organization Department of China. NO REGISTRATION PROCESS is required, and participants should cover their own meals and lodges. If participants need a help for reimbursement document and hotel information near campus, please contact with our secretary Ms. Qing Chen.

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Speakers of invited lecture series

Computational Modeling of Soft Matter

Erik Luijten, Northwestern University.
Visiting dates: Dec. 09-19, 2014
Course time:

Hyper elastic soft matter – rubbers and gels

Masao Doi, Beihang University
Visiting dates: Dec. 24-27
Course time:

Scaled particle theory for fluids in porous media

Wei Dong, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.
Visiting dates: Dec. 26-30, 2014
Course time:

Energetic variational theory for complex fluids

Chun Liu, Penn State University.
Visiting dates: Jan. 10-15, 2015
Course time:

Speakers of invited talks


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