Short Course on Representation and Processing of Big Visual Data: A Data-Driven Perspective

Course Introduction

This module aims at introducing both basic and advanced mathematical theories and computational al-gorithms that are closely related to analysis, processing and understanding of big data, particularly visu-al data like images and videos. The emphasis is on the tight integration of basic theories, computational algorithms, mathematical modeling and practical applications. This module will help students mastering basic analysis techniques, essential computing tools, and important mathematical models for representa-tive applications in imaging and data sciences. Also, this module will enable those young researchers interesting in related topics a good understanding of this rapidly evolving field.


Hui Ji, National University of Singapore


Room 602, Pao Yue-Kong library, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Application and Registration

No registration fee. Please register online. Apply Online


July. 3 14:00 ~ 16:00
July. 4 14:00 ~ 16:00
July. 5 14:00 ~ 16:00
July. 6 14:00 ~ 16:00
July. 7 14:00 ~ 16:00


Lecture Notes