The Reappearance of Geological Patterns in Lab Scale Experiments


Jinzi Huang, NYU Courant Institute and Physics Department


2018.05.09 10:30-11:30


520 Pao Yue-Kong Library


Dissolution in fluids leads to various natural pattern formations. For example the Karst topography occurs when water dissolves limestone, and travertine terrace forms as a balance between dissolution and precipitation. Unlike erosion, dissolution can happen with or without external flow through molecular diffusion, and the dissolved solute usually has buoyancy differences that lead to a self-generated convective flow. In this talk, we experimentally investigate the shape evolution of a soluble object immersed in water, where different buoyancy configurations lead to either laminar or turbulent flows. With each flow regime, the dissolution rate along the surface is modified and the structure of flow is carved on to the dissolved surface, which enables us to identify the flow through the geometry and vice versa. Models together with simulations will also be introduced in this talk to explain and extend the experimental observations.