Fast and Robust Manipulation of BEC by using Shortcuts to Adiabaticity


Xi Chen, Department of Physics, Shanghai University


2018.05.28 14:00-15:00


Room 402, 4th floor, Tsung-Dao LEE Library


In this talk, I begin with the concept of shortcuts to adiabaticity with the applications in quantum information processing and atomic physics, and review the current experimental achievements. First of all, I will discuss the fast and robust of atomic transport, particularly in non-harmonic traps, by using the inverse engineering method and variational approach. The effects of nonlinearity resulting from atom-atom interaction are clarified. Secondly, I discuss the fast compression of matter wave soliton by using shortcuts to adiabaticity based on variational approach. Moreover, the transport of spin-orbit coupled BEC is also discussed as well with spin up simutaneously. Finally, my talk will end up with the applications of quantum heat engineering showing the improvement of power of heat engine.