Vesicle Shape and Water Permeation


Jiaye Su, Nanjing University of Science and Technology


2018.06.08 10:00-11:00


601, Pao Yue-Kong Library


Understanding and controlling vesicle shapes is a fundamental challenge in biophysics and materials design. In this talk, we will first introduce the shape of both fluid and crystalline vesicles in bulk solution and on a liquid-solid interfaces, where we designed dynamic protocols for enlarging the shape space of both fluid and crystalline vesicles beyond the equilibrium zone. By removing water from within the vesicle at different rates, we numerically produced a series of dynamically trapped stable vesicle shapes for both fluid and crystalline vesicles in a highly controllable fashion. Besides, we will further discuss the dynamical behaviors of osmotically driven transport of water molecules across a vesicle membrane. Of particular interest is that the water transport in and out of vesicles is highly distinguishable given the osmotic force are the same, suggesting an asymmetric osmotic transportation. Finally, if time allowed we will present some results on the nanofluidic transport of water and ions through carbon nanotube.


Jiaye Su, currently as a Prof. at the department of Applied Physics, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, received his Bachelor degree from the department of Physics of Wenzhou University in 2004 and then continued the graduate study since then at the department of Physics of Zhejiang University, and received his Ph.D. degree there in 2009. The main research interests include computational modeling and simulation of soft matters, e.g., transport of fluids, ions, nanoparticles and polymers through nanochannels, self-assembly of nanoparticles and polymers and shapes of vesicle systems.