Optimal Placement of Sensors and Actuators for Waves in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Media


Enrique Zuazua, DeustoTech-Bilbao & UAM-Madrid & LJLL-Paris 


2018.07.18 11:00-12:00


601 Pao Yue-Kong Library


In this lecture we address the problem of the optimal placement of sensors and actuators for wave propagation problems.  Using Fourier series representation the problem can be recast as a spectral optimal design problem, involving all the spectrum of the laplacian.  We show that, depending on the complexity of the data to be observed/controlled, several scenarios have to be distinguished. Those in which the solution is a classical set constituted by a finite number of simply connected subdomains, others in which the optimal set is of Cantor type and those leading to relaxation phenomena.  We also explain how closely this topic is related to the fine properties of the high frequency behavior of the eignefunctions of the laplacian which is intimately linked to the ergodicity properties of the dynamical system generated by the corresponding billiard.  The content of this is mainly inspired in joint work with Y. privat and E. Trélat from LJLL-Paris.