Bioinspired Synthesis and Self-Organization of Programmed Complex Functional Systems


Virgil Percec,Department of Macromolecular Science,Case Western Reserve University,USA


2018.08.07 10:00-11:00


Room A-518, Chemistry Building


Our laboratory is involved in the use of biological systems as models for the elaboration of new concepts at the interface between organic, catalysis, macromolecular, supramolecular and biological sciences by using self-assembling non-biological monodisperse macromolecules as building blocks.

These concepts are subsequently used in the design of nanostructures, and functional complex systems by following the first biological principles “structure determines function”.

This lecture will first discuss the methodology developed and used in the design and synthesis of libraries of self-assembling building blocks via structural and retrostructural analysis. Subsequently the use of these building blocks for the elaboration of non-biological chiral complex systems