S^1-Equivariant Index Theorems and Morse Inequalities on Complex Manifolds with Boundary


Guokuan Shao,Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica


2018.10.12 13:00-14:00


Middle Lecture Room, Math Building


In this talk, we will present new versions of index theorems and Morse inequalities on complex manifolds with boundary. Let M be a relatively compact open subset with connected smooth boundary X of a complex manifold M’. Assume that M admits a holomorphic S^1-action preserving the boundary X and the S^1-action is transversal and CR on X. We claim that the m-th Fourier component of the q-th Dolbeault cohomology group H^q_m(\overline M) is of finite dimension. By using Poisson operator, we prove a reduction theorem which shows that the formulas about H^q_m(\overline M) in our main theorems involve only integrations over X. This talk is based on the joint work with Chin-Yu HSIAO, Rung-Tzung HUANG and Xiaoshan LI.