Anisotropic Meshes and Stabilization Parameter Design of Linear Supg Method for 2D Convection Dominated Convection Diffusion Equations


Xiaobo Yin, Central China Normal University


2019.10.18 10:30-11:30


Room 306, No.5 Science Building


In this talk, we propose a numerical strategy to generate a sequence of anisotropic meshes and select appropriate stabilization parameters simultaneously for linear SUPG method solving two dimensional convection-dominated convection-diffusion equations. Since the discretization error in a suitable norm can be bounded by the sum of interpolation error and its variants in different norms, we replace them by some terms which contain the Hessian matrix of the true solution, convective field, and the geometric properties such as directed edges and the area of triangles. Based on this observation, the shape, size and equidistribution requirements are used to derive corresponding metric tensor and stabilization parameters. Numerical results are also provided to validate the stability and efficiency of the proposed numerical strategy.