Decoupled Algorithms for the Non-Steady Dual-Porosity-Stokes


Wenjing Yan, Xi'an Jiaotong University


2019.12.16 10:00-11:00


Room 302, No. 5 Science Building


The studies of fluid phases within a complicated porous media coupled with conduit systems are of great significance in many applications, such as the petroleum and the groundwater reservoirs. Based on the work of conventional Stokes-Darcy model, a dual-porosity-Stokes model is recently developed to describe a complicated dual-porosity-conduits system. This model utilizes a dual-porosity/permeability model to govern the flow in the porous media coupled with free flow via four interface conditions and results into a large coupled dual-porosity-conduits system. The four physically valid interface conditions applied to couple the two models on the interface between the dual-porosity media and the conduits. This system has important applications in reservoir simulations especially the multistage fractured horizontal wellbore problems. In this talk we present the coupled dual-porosity-Stokes model and the corresponding communication conditions for the fracture flow, the horizontal wellbore and multistage fractured wellbore problems. Then we propose the decoupled Robin-Robin domain decomposition algorithms for the large system caused by the coupled model, and compare with the partitioned time stepping method which actually equivalent to an explicit Robin-Robin domain decomposition algorithm.