Motion of Microswimmer in Liquid Crystal


Hai Chi, Penn State University


2020.01.06 14:00-15:00


Room 305, No.5 Science Building


Active matters like Living Liquid Crystal (LC) have been studied a lot these years. The interaction between microswimmer and anisotropic fluid produces lots of interesting properties. In our work, a PDE model for single microswimmer swimming in liquid crystal is developed and studied numerically. Choice of swimming along the LC molecular or across the LC molecular is decided by the type the swimmer (pusher or puller). With the consideration of surface anchoring, critical behavior of the swimming direction is observed and discusses. This is a joint work with Lei Zhang (SJTU), Leonid Berlyand (PSU), Igor Aranson (PSU) and Mykhailo Potomkin (UC Riverside).